My Start As A Blogger

21 Jun

My journey began 4 years ago, I am currently living in London ( I lived in Saudi Arabia for about 2 years). From the first time I wanted to travel from Ecuador I found several inconvenients, but the one that caught my attention was the lack of information on the Internet about travel issues, visas, legal issues and / or testimonies, from Ecuadorians to Ecuadorians. Many times I found information written by people from Peru or Colombia and I self-linked to them because in my mind we were practically in the same situation (Latinos, South Americans etc). But everything was in vain, although they gave me certain clues my situation was almost always a case apart, so I decided to start a blog in spanish to tell in detail every step I had to take to travel, get visas, and live in other countries. I hope it can in a way help and clarify little doubts that other Ecuadorians have. Questions and comments are welcome.

I am challenging myself to create this blog in English, given that my mother tongue is spanish, but i want to share and write about topics of my interest and personal experiences. I have always liked to write and I know there is still a long way to go to became the good blogger that I want to be, Im happy to have started my first steps